Tuition & Fees

Lincoln College is committed to making college affordable for everyone.

At Lincoln College all full-time traditional students receive an institutional scholarship or grant. Lincoln College is committed to being one of the most affordably priced institutions of higher education in Illinois. To make shopping for college easy and transparent we launched the Lincoln College Price Match Program.

Tuition and Fees listed on this page reflect the cost of attendance before financial aid is applied. No additional cost for students taking more than 18 credit hours.

Our admissions counselors and our financial aid office will work with you to make sure you maximize the available aid.

Lincoln College’s Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust tuition, room and board, fees and expenses.
Students are charged on a per semester/session basis.


Full-Time Undergraduates

2022-2023:  Full-time Undergraduates (Lincoln Campus)



  Per Year
Tuition $19,300
Deposits & Fees  
Student Life Fee $1,100
Housing Deposit $125
Room & Board  
Lincoln Campus: Double Occupancy $3,450
Lincoln Campus: Single Suites $4,850
Lincoln Campus: Multi Suite Apartment Complex $5,450
Board $5,350


Part-Time Undergraduates

2021-2022: Part-time Undergraduates (Lincoln Campus)



Tuition (per credit hour) $370


Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE)

2021-2022: Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) (Lincoln Campus)



Tuition $370/credit hour
Books varies by course
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Fees (Optional to student)  
Portfolio Evaluation Fee $300
Per Credit Hour Fee $100 / credit hour awarded
Challenge by Exam Fee (Optional to student)  
Maximum charge of $300 total $100 / credit hour


Graduate Program

2021-2022: Full-time Graduate Students



Tuition $460/credit hour
Books varies by course



Find Out Information on Payment Plans‍**Book Rental and Technology Fees Policy

– Activity Fee, Technology Fee, and Textbook Rental Fees are included in the cost of tuition.  Textbook usage fees cover the rental costs of most textbooks; however, workbooks, some paperbacks and supplemental electronic materials may require additional fees or purchase.  See the published semester Course Schedule for a schedule of associated costs for specific classes.  Technology Fees are calculated into the cost of tuition.  Students are limited to printing only materials necessary for academic work when using the computer labs for printing.

Book Rental: 
Book rental is only available to students enrolled in the traditional academic program division and rental fees are calculated into the cost of tuition.  Students must return rental books to the bookstore by the publicized date at the end of the semester.  Failure to do so will result in the student purchasing the book at its retail price.


Other Fees


Private Music Lessons (per semester, 1/2 hour weekly) $300
Late Tuition Payment Charge (per semester) $50
Transcript Fee (official)